Nik Alevizos - Africa

It is Monday again, and we do really hope that you had a fun weekend so that the Monday is a bit easier on you. However, we may have something to cheer you up!

To spice the Monday up, we have an upbeat and melodic progressive house track from Nik Alevizos hailing from Australia. Nik is an artist that likes to blend and bend the genres to create a stirring and uplifting sounds. It is quite clear that the artist influenced by 80s synthwave/pop movement, 90s House and Trance right up till today's Deep House as one can hear bits and pieces from each genre.

The track “Africa” is definitely an example of Nik’s take on different genres. It is filled with African chants layered over dreamy synth melodies and an African landscape as the backdrop. It becomes quite a journey as the percussive drums keep the tempo up and going while the melodic arpeggios and vocal fills take you to an another dimension of the electronic music.

Come and take a listen!




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Like Mercury, the planet, we are split into two. The half of us freezes in endless darkness, while the other half glitters with a perfect shade of orange under the rays of our one and only sun. We thus become the Mercurials. We live through different tones of life, swinging from ice to fire. Mercurial Tones is a music academy that seeks to unearth this cacophony of emotions so as to be able to express them without losing their overwhelming sway.   

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