Rifftunes - Sad Day

It is raining in Stockholm today, putting us into a darker shade of the emotions and we are deliberately looking for a track to listen to while enjoying our coffees while watching the raindrops dancing on the windows.

Fortunately enough, we have stumble upon a track from The Rifftunes and his track “Sad Day” fulfilling the theme of the day.

The track is build around the minimalistic dark piano chords and everything revolves around it while keeping the dark ambience. The vintage synth melodies and pads fill the void throughout the track and create a journey through the emotions. The drums in the track are stubborn and rich on harmonics and they definitely push us forward bit by bit deeper into the journey.

Track ends same as it starts, a minimalist piano chords and concludes the journey. If you want to plug into the darker side today, you should give this track a chance.




#classicalmusic #piano #ambient #Electronic #downtempo


Like Mercury, the planet, we are split into two. The half of us freezes in endless darkness, while the other half glitters with a perfect shade of orange under the rays of our one and only sun. We thus become the Mercurials. We live through different tones of life, swinging from ice to fire. Mercurial Tones is a music academy that seeks to unearth this cacophony of emotions so as to be able to express them without losing their overwhelming sway.   

Mercurial Tones,
Stockholm, Sweden
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