NRKY & Numbers - Black & Chrome

While the summer is at its peak on the northern hemisphere of the world, let's start Tuesday with a bit more energetic track.

The record label Stereotypes is back with "Black & Chrome", a track came into existence by the duo NRKY & Numbers. The track has an old school acid techno tune, with a heavy Electro Influence and reminiscences of Chemical Brothers, Orbital and Underworld.

The looping lead arps delivers a floor for an irreverent acid bassline, while some intriguing pads create a tension atmosphere all over the track. The chopped fx vocals add a final touch to the composition and provides the final drama to the track.

Check this out..






Like Mercury, the planet, we are split into two. The half of us freezes in endless darkness, while the other half glitters with a perfect shade of orange under the rays of our one and only sun. We thus become the Mercurials. We live through different tones of life, swinging from ice to fire. Mercurial Tones is a music academy that seeks to unearth this cacophony of emotions so as to be able to express them without losing their overwhelming sway.   

Mercurial Tones,
Stockholm, Sweden
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