Diva Preset Pack: Premium Artist Series

Mercurial Tones - Premium Artist Diva Preset Pack is an inspiring set of techno and house presets for U-He Diva that includes sounds of famous techno and house producers and labels.

From the beginning, the target was to create a Diva Preset Pack that utilize the Diva's warm analog sound to it is max limits and creating an ultimate "Bread and Butter" analog sounding preset pack. We did our best to expose every nuance that could be used for getting the professional sound the modern techno and house artists uses.

The result of heavy work of more than 250 hours of investment was an unrivalled library of techno and house masterpiece presets that will get you one step closer to your professional techno sound.

The preset pack is also bundled with MIDI files assigned to each preset to help you understand how professionals use the each preset. Melodies and chord progressions are from famous artists or labels.

Featuring more than 100 presets, MIDIs and loops, Premium Artist Diva Preset Pack contains patches that will both inspire you to create and teach you to design better sounds.


*U-He Diva version: 1.4 or higher.


Take a close listen to some of the crafted presets in the Premium Artists DIVA preset pack

BS - Big bass at Afterlife (Dm) (12
BS - Blomqvist bass (A#m) (120)
BS - Your casual vintage dark techn
BS - Brassy astral bass (B) (124).w
BS - Godzin and his singularity (Bb
BS - Finding solitary in daze like
BS - Adriatique's ray is on you (G)
BS - Play with my pitch wheel (or L
BS - Clean Juno subby bass (Am) (12
BA - Deep house triangle (Am)
LD - Godzin_s lead on Strand (D) (1
LD - Spektre is thinking about you
LD - Infinite leads with Pig _ Dan
LD - Recondite but Levo (Gm) (123).
LD - Blomqvist leads to space in be
LD - 10 Walls and the Elephants (Am
LD -Is this Charlotte on a Ride (A#
LD - Reversed saw attacks of Steyoy
LD - When Ben holds a Maelstrom (F)
LD - Acid like you own a 303 (Am) (
PL - Ame has the Rej (Dm) (125)
PL - Astral pluck_s of against my m
PL - Jeremy has an Olander Animal G
PL - Eli_s square plucksand furs (D
PL - With Woo York on the Valley of
PL - You are so high says Eli (Dm)
PL - Like Victor on his Apollo (Cm)
PL - Dark dub stabs (Gm) (125)
PL - Mystery of Tale of Us and Math
PL - Melodic techno short pluck (Fm
PL - Stab it like Alan Fitz on his
PL - Interstellar with arping Diva
PL - Sommerliebe bells with Solee (
PL - Stereoclips arps from the Airp
PD - Never heard anything warmer th
PD - String of astral transition (B
PD - Melodic Pads with Stimming (G
PD - Warm vintage pad hits (Bm) (12
PD - I am not from this Galaxy (Dm)
PD - Long attack smooth pads (D#m)
FX - Who took my laser gun (125).w
FX - White noise hats (120)
FX - Transition reverb lead (B) (1
FX - Cinematic bass hit (D) (120).
FX - Poly race car riser (120)



It is U-He Diva but like you never heard before. Don't miss the change and get it NOW!

Like Mercury, the planet, we are split into two. One half of us freezes in endless darkness, while the other half glitters with a perfect shade of orange under the rays of our one and only sun. We thus become the Mercurials. We live through different tones of life, swinging from ice to fire. Mercurial Tones is a music academy that seeks to unearth this cacophony of emotions so as to be able to express them without losing their overwhelming sway. 

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