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2 Reminisce, 1 from Mercurial Tones: Dark Matter and Four Hands (GER)

Mercurial Tones welcomes Jack, aka Dark Matter, back as a label resident for his second EP. The Danish artist is know with his trance Alias Dreamy Dawn but his second more melodic techno oriented alias Dark Matter finding himself under spotlights lately.

For this one, Jack packs an EP with melancholic chord progressions and dreamy ambiances while picking a symbolic name for the opening track; When The World Decided To Stop. The track takes the straight-and-true trajectory of traditional minimal techno, and embellish it with pads, piano and a classical sense of grandeur – a whole lot more freedom than you would find elsewhere in these days. It might not be much in the way of a surprise for those who’ve listened to Jack's previous releases on different aliases, but working from divergent influences is rarely simple, and Dark Matter iterates on the ideas explored in these earlier tunes with serious skill, electronic and traditional influences so tightly woven together that the EP maintains a very definite sense of identity throughout, and is pretty much impossible to poke holes in.

Jack works in subtle and sustained contrasts between beat, percussion and synth sounds, taking the most notable overlap between techno and neo-classical – patience – and making it work to his constant advantage."


Grown up in Mainz, Germany, Alex has found his passion for music quite early. Starting with the piano he has decided to swap it for two record players and a mixing console at the age of 15.

​Outside of Frankfurt’s club scene the two DJs got well-established especially on SoundCloud. None other than famous SOLOMUN (DIYNAMIC) has supported the boys and played their track „Darwin“ on big festivals like BPM in Mexico. „Darwin“ was released in March 2017 on the label JEAHMON!

Te artist received many other support from the big names in the industry during 2019 with different releases and now they hit the stores with another big track, Reminisce.

The track is full with melodic and driving arps and promises a dreamfull journey with flying synth melodies. Higly recommend!


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