The XX - Basic Space

Listening to music sometimes becomes an arduous incentive. In these days, a modicum of silence could serve as an austere potion...

Last year in Los Angeles, a vagrant gingerly approached me, though how hard he was trying to deceive me as if he had not even seen me, his emaciated talent was revealing his intentions or simply my vista was in action. Again. At that very moment I thought that he was planning to rob me. A compulsion to attack him first was compelling my brain. When I was about to make my first move, I saw his face.

He was an old friend from Turkey. We met in the Amsterdam whilst he was seeking a camel to ride. He was looking so desperate and affable so I decided to help him. I politely explained that in Europe we did not ride camels instead we used cars. He objected and started to quibble about it. He was saying "no camels... fucking chinese memorized all toefl... Delft" I caught last word and I understood his problem.

That was him. I was acquainted with him but he did not seem to realize that. I took him to a restaurant and bought a soup. He drank it like a mediterranean moray. Deciding to avoid exhausting questions which led to a futile end eventually, I remained silent.

After finishing his soup, he asked for more. Obviously he was too hungry. I contemplated him and decided to end this respite by saying "No". His aversion to me was overt. People are greedy, they always want more.

Take care, I said and walked through the door. He held my arm and said, We need to talk. As an old friend I felt it incumbent upon me to listen him. He started with his dreams about America. In a city where people seeking a place for their camels, forced to listen to 24-hour-lasting-azan, and women were living in kitchen, they did not have even a bedroom, it seems to me acceptable. He continued his tale with a song. And that song was The XX - Basic Space. He also added in the end that "I know that it doesn't seem good when I've sung it but you should definitely listen to it by The XX, it is magnificent, you'll see."

Then he left. I was reluctant to go home so I stayed for hours. On my way home, two smoking hot girls offered me foursome. I said where is forth? They pointed a part-time model, I thought, approacing us. I shunned their stubborn offer but noted their numbers, of course.

The world was unfair.