The BirD Day - Gonna Beg You

The closest comparisons to make when it comes to The BirD Day are, as one might expect, the most obvious. The self-described “PsychPop” quintet from Buffalo, New York, sound like The Ruby Suns, or another East Coast group that could be described as PsychPop, Passion Pit. Perhaps a little MGMT thrown in there as well.

There are the required and entertaining elements here — loops and samples, pulsing drumbeats, jangly guitars, loud fuzzy basslines and happy-go-lucky sounding lyrics — on the band’s self-released debut Collect Vibrations. These are the kind of songs one would probably blast out the car stereo to signify the end of summer, which is rapidly approaching. Soak in the good vibes, check out an unsigned band! (source: thewoundedjukebox)

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