Lana Del Rey - Born to Die

American singer-songwriters are exceptionally radical. If there is hip-hop at the one edge, the other edge is occupied by singer-songwriters in the US. As much as one goes down, singer-songwriters climb up. Lana Del Rey, with her (or thanks to her?) "purely attractive image" and uncannily nostalgic voice, is the one who is recently carrying the flag of "singer-songwriter society" of the US up and up. What I believe is that it is possible to categorize American youth into two: The fans of Katy Perry and the young people who listen to Lana Del Rey with great admiration.

I want to share the last single, also last video, of Lana Del Rey, which is set to be released worldwide on 31 January 2012. I can utterly say that this video and the song will be one of the best of the 2012 among singer-songwriters of whole world. It is an aspiring beginning for the new year.

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