AaRON - Lili & Blow

Choosing the song to share was a hard decision although it was only one album! By the way, I want to share my opinion about those artists who have published a dozens of albums every year! I can't really respect them. I believe that it won't matter when an artist has published that amount of albums as somebody at somewhere would definitely find at least one perfect song for him/her to love. Anyway, let's come to subject! About AaRON, it is a french electronic pop band who sings in French and but mostly in English. What makes them notable among the maze of indie/alternative are impressive keyboard synths going along with the "soft cracked" male vocal. Band's last album is a kind of album which does not contain literally "rubbish songs" that you just click "next" as soon as it starts.

Here are two songs that I've chosen for you, if you feel depressed; you can (which is likely if you are reading this post now in the Saturday night :) ) start with the first one and, if you feel alive you could skip to the the other one.

Bon appetit.