Tying Tiffany - Drownin'

Tying Tiffany was born in Padua. At the beginning she has travelled Europe as bass player and singer in various indie rock bands and she has acted in some independent movies, artistic films and theatrical performances.

In 2005 she decides to share an electronic music project including her song You Know Me in the Full Body Workout vol. 2 compilation for the Berlin based label Get Physical. Her debut album Undercover, released in 2005, is a work that moves from her passion for industrial, dark and punk music and her Disc jockey EBM experience. Undercover is acclaimed by international press, media and public and becomes one of the Italian music cases of 2006.

Her last album, “Dark Days, White Nights” , Tying Tiffany is released in February 2012. “Drownin’”, album's first single taken from the album, had a prestigious premiere in October 2011, with its inclusion on the soundtrack of the latest edition of the highly popular game for PC and Console from Electronic Arts FIFA 12 .