Ceylan Ertem - Ütopyalar Güzeldir

There are some kind of information that you would know you could not possibly believe. Even if you wanted to. For example, an astronot breathes in space without his space suit, a cat obeys his master completely or Cuckoo Cocoon has a beautiful girlfriend. I know that I pushed the reality with my last example but anyway They all against the law of nature.

The last info came to my ears was this;

Biskuwi has got accepted from a high-ranked university for master degree in Europe and he will be moved in Belgium next week. I simply did not believe this kind of information and I supposed there was a misunderstanding. I checked it with some of my resources.. and I realized that all words are ambiguous.

I was denying this truth until the moment Biskuwi sent a copy of his acceptance letter to me. Even then I was thinking that it was a wild prank. But in the end, I had to abdicate my prejudices. Yes, a university, a good university has accepted him and make a room for him in its classes. Even though evidence was clear and convincing, I was still cynical and did not intend to surrender easily. There was something more than prejudices. I could feel it. I could feel it in my bones. In the end, It was all about physics, wasn't it?

So I called this so-called-got-accepted-university to check the information. An international office employee answered my phone. While he was answering my questions ,meantime not knowing he had been interrogating, I could feel the imminent lie in the tinge of his voice. In order to encourage him I maligned Biskuwi dreadfully but he denied and surmised that Biskuwi was a student in that university. I elucidated that it was not possible with some debonair arguments...

He insisted.

After abased him, I hung up.

So I had to give up again. Hereby I am renouncing my belief in science. This is too much. From now on I am a devout muslim or christian or jew.. I do not know, I haven't decided yet. Frankly, fuck all these religions, I will build my own world. My own utopia.

Because utopias are beautiful.


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