Kite - I can't stand

Today is the day we talk about our favourite Swedish synth-pop duo "Kite". Kite are a Swedish synthpop duo that is created by Nicklas Stenemo (The Mo, Melody Club) and Christian Berg (Yvonne, Strip Music, The April Tears). They are currently based in Stockholm as they are signed to Progress Productions and have published six EPs since their debut in 2008.

Kite have performed on festivals like Recession Festival in Århus, Denmark, and on Arvika Festival and Putte i parken in Sweden. It should be stressed that they are one of a band when it comes to a live performance. Together with light (laser) shows and with some special videos, the ambience in the concerts tends to become; how could we put it in words, hmm; sensational. We have been every single Kite concerts in the area and haven't been disappointed even once.

Here comes a powerful song "I can't stand" from their album "Kite V" 2013.


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