Kauf - Relocate


Kauf is a electronic music producer, songwriter and singer from LA, USA. His sound includes often multi layered synths that are softly backed by his strong echo-laden vocals. This creates very fluid and dreamy tracks that easily capture the listener's attention in the very first moment that click the play button.

…As Much Again, the debut EP by L.A. producer Kauf, has been in nearly constant rotation for me…’ – Travis Holcolme, KCRW

…Letting go of the pop feel of the original, Kauf laid in thick layers of dreamlike synths and samples to create a tribalish chunk of disco that lifts listeners right off of their feet. Simple in idea yet stunning in execution, something here catches the ear and won’t let go…’ – Insomniac, No.11, Top 20 remixes 2014 (Moons – Bloody Mouth Kauf Remix)

Relocate contains all the patterns that we have mentioned: the wavy vocals, layered synths and heavy drum machines and it could be definitely a good start if you haven't listened any tracks from him.





#Electronic #downtempo #ambient #indie #dreampop #synthpop