Adam Beyer - What You Need

Finally, we have guest from Sweden; Adam Beyer, a swede techno music producer, a festival headliner, demanded recording artist and enigmatic DJ entity.

The artist has been quite popular last 2 years and he states and we quote "This is the most exciting it’s ever been - I’ve finally ended up where I was trying to get. As a techno DJ it’s never going to happen overnight. It’s a long road to walk to get to that point where you have earned the resect and loyalty of the industry and the fans.”

However, the song that we are introducing today is from his EP "Stone flower" which is released in 2015. The tracks in the EP are mostly deep and melancholic, and the atmosphere in the album is enhanced by effects that create unique ambience.

You can try our favourite song of the EP; "What you need", below.




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