Agoria - Scala

Agoria (born Sébastien Devaud on January 16, 1976) is a familiar name for those who are into techno genre. Sébastien is a French electronic music producer, composer and DJ who has made four albums entitled “Blossom” (2003), “The Green Armchair” (2006),

“Impermanence” (2011) and the soundtrack to the movie “Go Fast”. He has founded the record label InFiné and the Nuits Sonores Festival, both closely affiliated to the city of Lyon. He is also involved in contemporary art with aside the artist Philippe Parreno.

In 2015, he released yet another album, another hit in the genre, "Independece". However, we have picked a song for our listeners from his "Scala" EP which is actually released in 2013.




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