SevenDoors - Movement of Whale


Sevendoors is an english electronic music producer who is one of the favourite of well-known dj/producer Solomun.

The artist says "No gimmicks, no clicks, no clichés. This is the mantra of SevenDoors. A passion for music is evident, carefully crafting audio with feeling and emotion. SevenDoors is very much a concept, developed over many years and now ready to be unleashed upon the dance community." About his release VOID on Exploited Ghetto: ’Introspective, brooding yet bristling with possibility, ‘Void’ leads you into a dreamscape with a four note melody that ripples and cascades like a waterfall over large. ‘Forget You’ is a steroid pumped, arpeggiated excursion with sheared metal incidentals and a hi-nrg disco pulse. It’s an upstanding, hands raising, stellar end of the night track. Exemplary work.’ (DMC World Magazine)

His track MOVEMENT OF WHALE on Diynamic was one of the most hyped tracks in the house music world of 2015.




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