Biskuwi - Ardent

Biskuwi is a minimal techno/house producer hailing from Stockholm. His sound is comprised of dark and atmospheric melodies with minimal beats and percussions.He stresses on creating musical elements that twist and wrap organically around each another so that his tracks are one big living and evolving ‘things’

His latest EP ‘Ardent’ has put him on the map of modern electronic music and represents his artistic manifesto: a mixture of dark aesthetic sounds and atmospheres of dramatic effects characterized by intimate basslines and intriguing melodies.

Our favourite song from the EP is called “Ardent”, a track where he efficiently builds up a dark urban atmosphere. It’s a straight track revolving around the relentless kick beat and a creaky synth which supplies the harmonies. He adds beats, ominous melodies, effects and also breating spaces which all emphasize the ambience in a smooth and varied way.






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