Undercatt - Futura


Luca and Elia, also known as Undercatt are DJs and producers from Italy. Bromantic enough, they met each other during a club night they were both seperately playing. Luca was the experienced and the older one that time and was able to quickly realize the talent that Elia has behind the Dj decks (Elia was 17 years at the time). And that was how bromance started.

As the time passes, their bond became stronger even though they had decided to continue producing and performing separately at first. Until 2014. It was the year that they start writing and producing captivating music together.

Luca and Elia locked themselves in their studio with a clear picture in mind of what they wanted and needed to do. Inspired by modern Techno they started to produce atmospheric songs that were influenced by melodic and emotional elements. Undercatt was born.







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