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Many of us know "Soul Button" as the man who has given birth to Steyoyoke in 2012 and the one has breath life into it and make it grow to what it is today. It is fair to say that his unique productions skills with his talent on the deep sound has made him an aural innovator, empowering his work with a unique edge. All combined, it is very easy to spot his distinguishable trademark sound.

But rather than talking about how great artist he is right now maybe it is interesting to hear how his interest on music took place for the first time from artist himself.

"John C: Thank you for taking the interview. Let’s start by looking back at your earliest memories of music. When did the journey in music start for you?

Soul Button: It is funny in some ways. I was 16 and a friend of mine and I stole a tape. I don’t really remember where it was from. At that time we didn’t really listen to that much music as we are talking about more than 20 years ago. In Italy, where I was living at the time, there was really only the popular music – pop music. But we now had this tape, and we were very excited to listen to it and headed home. We started listening to it and it was something incredible, and thought we ‘What’s this?’ The tape was of Kraftwerk. It was incredible for me. Both of us began listening to this tape for days and days, but for us it was just noise. We didn’t really know about electronic music at that time. Then we started to fall in love with these electronic sounds. My other friend was more of a dancer and I was more of a listener. I was really young, about 16. At that time, that was still young, unlike now where 16 year olds know everything. That is when I began thinking to myself, ‘How can I do this music?’ So I went to my dad and told him I wanted to make music and he told me ‘You are crazy!’ He said I was listening to music that sounds like it was made in an iron factory. (Laughs)

Then I started to research, but of course there was no internet back then. I found out they were selling an electronic drum machine. So I convinced my Dad to purchase the first Roland, the 808. It is funny to think now that I started to program that Roland for almost two years and it was ‘music’ to me, but it was actually just drums. No bass, no synths, no anything else. My dad was happy though as I was spending 10 hours a day on this drum machine programming loops. From there I just really started listening more and more to Kraftwerk and this kind of music."

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‘Shadows’ was his first official EP for Steyoyoke back in 2012, with ‘In My Stride’ well worth a mention as it still receives attention and airplay to this day. ‘Play Again’ and ‘Swift Minds’ were two monumental EPs that followed and more recently, ‘Wraith’, which has gained recognition from numerous high profile artists.

With his sights set well into the future, Soul Button is focused on the continual growth and development of Steyoyoke.




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