Innellea - Galagant (Dahu Remix)

It was the year 2012 Dahu suddenly received a lot of attention when he released his debut EP Deep In The Woods’ on Steyoyoke.

Overdriven basslines and detuned synthesizers became the sound that he started to be knows for; however, it was the implicit emotions he was able to enject to his tracks was his signature for the young Berlin producer.

In 2014 ‘North’ was praised for its singular interplay of atmosphere, musicality and force. ‘North’ saw a more progressive touch emerge within his established style. A string of remixes for established artists such as Soul Button, Robert Babicz and others followed.

In 2016, Dahu has released his fourth studio EP ‘Desolate‘. Funneling a tribal touch into his production, Dahu has crafted a dynamic and melancholy, yet strangely uplifting triumvirate that is set for release in June 2016. Dahu’s defining factor may well be his unflinching ability to constantly reinvent himself with every EP whilst preserving a carefully cultivated sense of eerie musicality.





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