Transcode - Magnetic Empathy (Original Mix)

Transcode is a producer/DJ that is hailing from Manchester (UK) with his deep sound that blurs the line between deep house and techno. He is well known for his passion for deep, soulful melodies and a thirst for audio perfection. He often crosses over musical boundaries and mixes different genres with well-crafted sounds, atmospheric soundscapes, weighted beats and lush lows.

Transcode pledges the voyage with Magnetic Empathy with eccentric subtle weaved Techno tension. Supplementing its subdued nuance is Flutter, which unravels an array of arpeggiated strings, building up a slow paced yet a highly strained chunk of Tech House goodness. The most aggressive track of Transcode’s triptych, Supremacy summons a dark and cavernous ambiance. A white noise dotted intro launches into a highly strung and progressively riveting Techno burner.





#minimalhouse #Techno #deephouse #Berlin #electronic