Jeremy Olander - Brando

Swedish DJ and producer Jeremy Olander had a memorable 2018 that elevated the to the next level via a hectic tour schedule at premier clubs and festivals, sold out label showcases, and even a debut on Cercle show which took place a tiny historical castle in Stockholm. By the way, the very same show has also been streamed just south of 1 million times in less in a few months.

But enough with the past, Jeremy Olander has returned with a two-track EP, containing dancer’s favorite ‘Docks’ and a newly imprinted track ‘Brando’. The EP is full of swerving, bright, trembling melodies that are contrasted against sinister yet groovy drum work.

Our favorite ‘Brando’ is a deep, melodic and outwardly delicate journey, that features ambient and mysterious effects and a blissful and urbane synth lead laid across a bed off a subtly thumping bass line. The breakdown, debatably one of Olander’s most renown talent, builds suspense in an elegant manner with an forthcoming and unwary release.





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