John Darque - Talking Strangers

Today, we have an emerging techno producer, John Darque, hailing from Berlin. Artist's music is influenced by the grit of the underground Techno scene in Germany. Even though, the sound of the John is mainly defined as warehouse and groove techno, with a background in Rock, Trip-Hop and many other genres, he tries to infuse his many influences in his own productions.

The ambition of the artist is "creating driving and hypnotic music, with a dark and melodic demeanour" as he states. John is also part of the Electronica Duo Darque&Dearest and currently based in Berlin.

Amidst is a 4-Track EP released by the Berliner Label "Springstoff". The Tracks fuse eerie and atmospheric drones, with driving, arpeggiated synths and heavy industrial percussions, resulting in a dark and brooding ambience.





#ravetechno #minimaltechno #Techno #darktechno #acidtechno