1988 - A001 (Original Mix)

Techno’s individuality and sense of expression brings many styles and art forms into its culture. That sense of artistic freedom is what brought 1988, techno alias for Justin Howard, into existence. Hailing from the southwestern part of the US, he has outstretched his twist on dub techno into the far corners of the globe. Mixing and combining deep techno, dub, and house music he rides the line between dance worthy club records and spaced out dub tracks for the afters.

A001 is the first release in 2019 by 1988. This particular track is a deep, dark, and trippy ride through a dubbed out landscape with a steady groove to keep the floor moving. Taking cues from Harrison BDP, this track fuses elements of house, tech house, and dub techno to take the listener on a chilled out journey. Currently available on SoundCloud, release on Bandcamp available early April. ​



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