Wolkenrot - Unleash the Sun

Today we have another producer from Germany but this time from the Southern side of the country. Andy, aka Wolkenrotm, is a techno producer that has been producing music more than 10 years.

Although the genres that the producer were interested were ranging from orchestral soundtracks to Hip-Hop beats, he was mainly focusing on producing electronic music and techno lately.

According the Andy, techno is giving him the total joy in current productions, however, he says that it's very important for him to blend melodic/orchestral sounds to it, which is definitely case with the track " Unleash the Sun". Take a look!

Facebook facebook.com/wolkenrotmusic

Soundcloud soundcloud.com/wolkenrotmusic

Spotify open.spotify.com/artist/4NDCJEB26h011aXN7Ogjji?si=Ew_NsSbcS42z-PbjFYVPsA

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