Solarrio - Runnin' 2 U

Today we are having an artist that has been journeying through different genres in his music career and with him, we are also going out a little bit of genres that we use to share on Mercurial Tones. Growing up in a classical music household, Solarrio gravitated more towards pop and hip-hop at an early age and got his start producing under the name KD Supier.

His newest EP "Isolate" is blend of synthpop with underground influenced hip-hop and electro beats. The songs all deal with isolation in some form or fashion, which is ironic because this is the most collaborative of all Solarrio projects so far with co-production from Jan Hendrik (WUSA), Schrøda (HRDSL), Fonz and the help of his writing partner Craig Walker (Archive, WUSA, Them There).

The track is somewhat catchy and poppy but it still manages to sound different from most of the mainstream music out there and Solarrio continues to work on perfecting his own style.




#synth #synthpop #synthdance