Tom Vernon - Amber Fade

Coming back from the Easter holiday, we are taking it a bit lighter today and change our tune to minimal sounding dub-ish techno/house or simply a breakbeat track.

18 years old producer, Tom Vernon, has been always always blended in music, learning drums since the age of 10 and piano while he was in France and currently is hailing from Jersey, Channel Islands.

Tom's name really kicked off after his collaboration with a Japanese producer - Soshi Takeda - with the track "B17?". However, in his latest creation, he took a break from dance floor sound to make something different. He was not expecting too much from the track when he finished layering over some chords with some additional reverb to make some nice smooth pads, and a 909 hat for good measure.

However, the next day, Slav posted it to their youtube channel and everything took off after this point. At this moment, it's amassed over 6K plays on his soundcloud, and just under 40K views on youtube.




#breakbeat #dub #house #techno #electronic #minimalelectronic