Atroxity - Outpost 10-3

Today, we go back to our roots and have a resident from Nordics again. Atroxity, hailing from Oslo, Norway, has been in media and music industry for many years and been a local DJ for almost 20 years, mainly focusing on techno and progressive house.

Up until 2016 his music was only shared amongst DJ colleagues, friends and network in very small scale, and he took his first step into the public with his debut album “Newland Punks” in November 2016, on limited distribution. "After The Fall" followed in May 2018. A remastered, remixed and revised version of the first album, dubbed "Newland Punks Refuelled" were released on Oct 19th 2018.

The new track, Outpost 10-3 is combination of tech-house influenced groovy bass and percussions and deep house lush pads. The playful lead synth definitely acts as a glue and keeps the track interesting and evolving and takes you to a joyful journey, and it can definitely light up your thursday and prepare you for the weekend.




#techhouse #deephouse #techno