Chriz Samz & Maysa - Makuna

Today, we are having a track from Chriz Samz & Maysato that could cheer you up a little bit and make you dance on your chair.

Makuna is definitely one of those tracks which gradually grabs your attention and when it ends; all you want to do it is to listen to it again as you are unsure on what you have listened to.

The track starts with a rather smooth and simple beat with tech-house drums and percussions. The first drop hits rather early and unexpectedly, however, it changes the course of the track completely.

While in the break, the bells make you think that the track is heading towards to a deeper part of the spectrum however with a drop; you find yourself standing up and dancing to the groove and very playful melody. What a journey!

If you want to have a similar journey as I did, take a look at this gem!

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