Aiwake - Tonight (Sundown)

Let's get out of a bit Mercurial underground vibes today and tap into a more deep indie electronic music.

Aiwake,a duo from Dorian Voos and Euan Robertson, hailing from Toronto Canada with his lush voice reminding very much of Oscar and The Wolf. The track, tonight is an emotional journey with unique rhythms, haunting vocals, and a freshness that exists at the core of this musical partnership.

The duo are able to channel feelings of despair and melancholy alongside nostalgia and hope. Dance-able yet brooding, 'Tonight (Sundown)'stands apart for the average, as uplifting downtempo with intricate syncopation and gritty dissonance.

Get your cup of coffee or a glass of wine, or a blanket if it is cold, or a sunglass if you are under the sun, and jump to the train of melancholia with Tonight.




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