Andre Texias - Agony

Andre Texias, hailing from Spain, developed his passion for music at a very young age. However, it was 2017 when he releases his first track, "lonely" and receive the support of names like hot since 82, who play it in her radio show "the labyrinth show" on ibiza global radio.

Today pick his a track, Agony, from his latest EP. Track starts with ambient pads and percussions and immediately develops into a melodic banger with the help of the afterlife influenced synth arps.

Before reaching the climax, we drive into a long and melancholic break with cinematic pads sounds and shimmered arps. Track goes into a final climax after the break and we conclude the malicious journey.

If you are into Steyoyoke or Afterlife sound, you should definitely take a listen.




#steyoyoke #melodictechno #darktechno #Techno #deeptechno