MT02 - Lodewijk Werle - Perpetual EP

Early support from Joris Voorn, Sasha, BOg, Petar Dundov, Gadi Mitrani, Lonya, Marc DePulse, Anthony Pappa, Mark Craven, Nick Varon, Tripswitch, The Journey, Simon Berry

The Dutch producer Lodewijk Werle made his debut on rising Swedish label; Mercurial Tones with his new track; Perpetual alongside a remix from biskuwi.

The EP contains two tracks that are packed with of atmospheric, emotive and distinctively electronic sounds and each track cuts their way into ever deeper.

The original track has tantalizing tones flow through an erratic and pleasantly emotive storyboard as bass lead and serendipitous arpeggios fully saturate your pleasure centers. Compositions like this is hard to come by these days, as it has a rare mixture of listen-ability and yet can still find a place on the right dance floor. Not an easy thing to pull off and Lodewijk Werle seem to have nailed it with Perpetual.

biskuwi adds another layer to the original and his remix pulses with energy and quickly develops into something that is hard to resist. And when it is about to reach a sonic sizzle the arpeggio in the track pulls back the reigns for a buzzing, tension filled break to perfectly segue into an even headier finale.