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Melodic Techno Drops By Fatum

Crafted by music industry innovators, it unveils their signature "Organic Trance" sound, fusing melodic techno and their unique touch.



Onyx Melodic Techno BOX 2.png

Melodic Techno Samples

Our most extensive, immersive, and versatile Melodic Techno Samples collection ever, meticulously crafted to provide you with the best and most cutting-edge melodic techno sample pack in existence. 



Serum NEBULOUS BOX cut.png

Nebulous - Xfer Serum

Melodic Techno Presets

Nebulous is an intricately crafted preset pack showcasing 100 of the finest and most popular sounds from the latest, cutting-edge trends of melodic techno in 2023. 



Best Sellers


Sapphire - U-He Diva

Analog Bass Presets

It is no secret that many top producers are looking for that authentic and warm analogue sound when it comes to writing basslines in their productions.



Deviant - Analog Drum Samples  Full Size Library

Deviant - Analog Drum Samples

Full Size Library

Our biggest, deepest, and most versatile drum collection ever to fuel your beats with rich, full-flavour analog drum sounds.



Xfer Serum - Analog Techno    Preset, MIDI & Wavetable Pack

Xfer Serum - Analog Techno  

Preset, MIDI & Wavetable Pack

A powerful new library that combines warm sound of analog classics into Xfer Serum, the ultimate modern techno preset pack.




09 - First STEPS Electronic Production.jpg

Your First Step to

Electronic Music Production

If you want learn modern electronic music production but don't know where to start, this course is perfect for you.



07 - Melodic Techno START O FINISH.jpg

Melodic Techno

Start to Finish

Discover the process of creating a professional melodic techno track from scratch and gain a deeper understanding of the music theory behind it.



06 - PeakTime Techno.jpg

Peak time Techno


Learn how a professional peak-time techno track is created and understand techno music theory behind it.




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