Berlin Fernsehturm


Premium Ableton Live

Preset and Sample Pack

The special bundle capturing the deep and contemprory sound of Berlin’s underground scene is now available on Mercurial Tones!


The emerging new sound of Berlin consists of ghostly percussions blended with polished grooves and vivid synths creating the distinctive, melancholic pulsating techno of Berlin. 

Berlin Bundle includes Ableton Live presets showcasing smooth basses, ethereal synths, crunchy plucks and moody pads while delivering crispy but creamy drum samples and construction kits, capturing the ecstatic dusk of Berlin’s ethereal techno scene. 

Organic samples like wooden shakers, premium cymbals and metal percussions provide the groove ready to converge with various Ableton Live synth presets together with MIDI files to pack a powerful blow, and provide you the creative fuel for your next project.

Berlin Ableton Live Preset Pack


Drag and drop, 8 Macro assigned customizable presets for Ableton Live Wavetable, Operator and Analog designed by Yalcin Efe to give you the ultimate top-notch sounds for your genre.

  • 103 Ableton Live Racks & Instruments

  • 103 MIDI files

Berlin Sample Pack


Warm drum hits and one-shot samples come DAW-ready and additional tempo and key labeled construction kits will give you building blocks for inspiration.

  • 217 Premium one-shot drum samples

  • 8 Construction kits​ including 96 wav loops

  • 8 Ableton Live 10 projects showing how the construction kits are made

AnnieConstruction kit
00:00 / 00:31
KitanaConstruction kit
00:00 / 00:16
OliviaConstruction kit
00:00 / 00:16
LanayaConstruction kit
00:00 / 00:16

The spirit of BERLIN packed in a single bundle 

The contemprory underground sounds for your productions


103 MIDI paired Ableton Live instrument racks to help jump start your next creative idea with no time wasted

8 tempo and key labelled construction kits to instantly get inspiration for your productions

217 tailored made, creamy one shot drum samples to ensure a solid and pain-free back-bone to your tracks

Preset Previews

Note: No external processing is applied.

Experience warm and contemprory sound of Berlin with comprehensive Ableton Live Preset Pack. We have intentionally avoided adding drum loops on the presets because we are confident of each sound. 

01 - BS - Glide me down
04 - BS - Make me deep house
10 - BS - Big leading bass
11 - BS - You control me not
17 - BS - It is complicated
23 - BS - Autumn on the door
75 - PD - Brass for love
76 - PD - In the garden
78 - PD - I am so confused
79 - PD - They are behind
81 - PD - They will come for me
82 - PD - Living in an endless dream
25 - LD - Umeking
28 - LD - Burning in acid
31 - LD - I can't stand
32 - LD - Do you see the elephant
34 - LD - Flash mob
35 - LD - I hear screams
36 - LD - Monsters in my head
48 - LD - Tale of cubes
83 - PD - Crusing between galaxies
84 - PD - Ride the lightning
90 - PD - Put me under blanket
94 - PD - Electricity
50 - PL - Deep it goes
51 - PL - World stands still
52 - PL - Cooper station
53 - PL - One but two really
55 - PL - It is about us
56 - PL - Creamy as butter
57 - PL - Astral planes
58 - PL - I come bearing gifts
59 - PL - Over the top
60 - PL - Could it be
68 - PL - Truth is out there
71 - PL - Simple man

Sample Previews

Note: No external processing is applied.

Experience warm and contemprory sound of Berlin with specially processed Premium Sample Pack. We have intentionally avoided adding extra loops on one-shots because we are confident of each sound. 

Kick Annie (E)
Kick Freya (NA)
Snare Annie
Shaker Ceia
Shaker Xenia
Cymbal Deia
Clap Deia
Closed HH Yaconda
Closed HH Nacha
Open HH Olivia
Tom Deia (F)
Percussion Deia
Horn Ceia(F)
Kick Catie (D)
Kick Lina (F)
Snare Catie
Shaker Emilia
Cymbal Annie
Cymbal Teia
Clap Emilia
Closed HH Chana
Open HH Lina
Tom Derorit (C)
Tom Abbie (A)
Percussion Irma
FX Annie
Kick Emilie (G)
Rim Anna
Snare Emilia
Shaker Kaelen
Cymbal Luna
Clap Nacha
Clap Xeina
Closed HH Freya
Open HH Bethel
Tom Mira (D)
Percussion Friska
Percussion Felia
Impact Lanaya


Level up your production tools…

Next Level Sounds
Lead the game by owning state-of-the-art presets, samples and construction kits.

DeiaConstruction kit
00:00 / 00:16

Silhuette of Berlin
Empower your next track with warm bass sounds, ethereal synths, dreamy and dark pads and punchy leads.

BealieConstruction kit
00:00 / 00:23
TessiaConstruction kit
00:00 / 00:15

Fuel for inspiration
Get inspired by and create your next tracks with fundemental drum samples and loops.