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The modern sound of melodic techno, in a single full-size library. 

Introducing Onyx - our most extensive, immersive, and versatile Melodic Techno Sample collection ever, meticulously crafted to provide you with the best and most cutting-edge melodic techno sample pack in existence.

Onyx contains a diverse range of warm drum samples, powerful melodic techno leads, shimmering arpeggios, rolling basslines, earth-shaking stabs, and contemporary effects offering everything you need to craft a modern melodic techno track.

In addition to that, we have carefully curated 8 construction kits, designed to assist you in jump-starting your next project or learning from them.
Exclusive! Only available on with a limited time only launch discount.

Construction KitCoalesce
00:00 / 00:08
Construction KitHalcyon
00:00 / 00:15
Construction KitElysian
00:00 / 00:08
Construction KitScintil
00:00 / 00:15

All the sounds you need

Each sample and loop is crafted by referencing top melodic techno tracks from the past 12 months, ensuring its seamless integration into modern melodic music production.

Construction KitVestige
00:00 / 00:31

437 sound files at your disposal, forming an extensive melodic techno library to fuel your creative endeavor

Construction KitZephyr
00:00 / 00:08
Construction KitLilt
00:00 / 00:16

9 Construction kits to help you kick-start your project immediately.

Construction KitEthos
00:00 / 00:16

All samples are specially tailored and processed to make it ready to drag and drop and fit into your track

Sample Previews

Note: No external processing is applied.

Experience rich and modern sound of Onyx yourself.

Lead Aborre (Em) (123)
Lead Anran (Dm) (122)
Lead Bilda (Cm) (123)
Lead Ceui (Cm) (122)
Lead Bzan (A) (123)
Lead Etrian (Dm) (123)
Lead Frant (Am) (123)
Lead Bram (Dm) (123)
Lead Crisa (G) (123)
Acid Antia (D)
Lead Estri (A) (123)
Lead Ihnar (Dm) (123)
Lead Fraun (Em) (123)
Lead Lian (Fm) (124)
FX Clap Roll Anjau
FX Hit Dutria
FX Clap Hit Asuan (123)
FX Reverse Aadda
FX Reverse Aadda
FX Hit Eafna
FX Clap Hit Brian (123)
FX Riser Duaniak
Clap Adrife
Clap Drian
Clap Efrin
Clap Bredh
Clap Crian
Clap Faen
Tom Bravo (-)
Tom Franti (-)
Tom Driz (B)
Bass Aanyi (G)
Bass Abro (E) (122)
Bass Abca (F) (123)
Bass Anuya (G) (123)
Bass Chen (F) (124)
Bass Basti (D) (122)
Bass Esri (G) (123)
Bass Ehan (C) (122)
Bass Maruan (D) (122)
Bass Gani (A) (124)
Closed HH Bnia
Closed HH Deain
Closed HH Azina
Closed HH Animorf
Closed HH Guan
Closed HH Encha
Open HH Aarfa
Open HH Adrian
Open HH Bria
Open HH Crima
Open HH Cein
Open HH Bruan
Open HH Feai
Shaker Aian
Shaker Brian
Shaker Entria
Shaker Dzak
Shaker Dien
Shaker Hamur
Shaker Injada
Donk Enteli (G)
Tom Honta (E)
Tom Absi (D)
Arp Abura (Em) (124)
Arp Cnan (Em) (124)
Arp Fastu (Fm) (123)
Arp Eski (Dm) (124)
Kick Abysa (G)
Kick Cira (A)
Kick Cris (E)
Kick Fraki (F)
Kick Jrio (-)
Horn Acrian (F)
Horn Bnai (C)
Horn Dansi (D)
Horn Fjans (A)
Perc Bahga
Perc Dain
Perc Brun
Perc Grea
Perc Cnia
Rim Anua
Rim Cecia
Rim Ariua
Rim Cuscaon
Snare Cramit
Snare Ciena
Snare Frien
Snare Leman
Snare Flian
Snare Giena
Donk Anders (A)
Donk Brian (F)
Donk Djin (E)
Donk Cian (D)
Donk Grul (C)

Melodic Techno Samples

Onyx Melodic Techno BOX 2.png
  • 590 Royalty FREE samples including

    • 222 Drum Samples

    • 51 Lead loops

    • 34 Arp loops

    • 30 Donk samples

    • 79 FX samples

    • 27 Horns

    • 50 FX samples

    • 8 Full construction kits including 98 loops

And tons of inspirations for your next track. Let the creative genius in you flow. 

Don't miss it and get this unique sample pack now!


No requirements, all samples are royalty free and ready to use.

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