Deep Melodic  

Massive X Presets

One of the most requested sound bank in the style of Mercurial Deep Melodic Sound, Massive X Preset Pack is here…

Mercurial Deep Melodic MASSIVE X Preset Pack is a cutting-edge sound arsenal created by sound designers with a meticulous approach to putting one of the most anticipated flagship synth through its paces.


The Deep Melodic Preset Pack contains 107 presets tuned to specially melodic techno and house genres and ready to be loaded up, tweaked, and used wherever you need killer sound fast.

All Presets have 16 different macros assigned to key paramters where you quickly can edit or adjust timbre of the presets and make it yours. It will give you the inspiration that you need and help you to get a jumpstart on your productions.


Exclusive! Only available on

The final step in the modern analog synth sound

Massive X is still waiting to be explored for its unique timbres

107 MIDI file to help you understand how each presets can be used

107 wav loop to instantly get inspiration for your productions

107 tailored made, modern deep melodic presets to take your productions to the next level

16 macros are cleverly mapped on every preset. Allowing you to morf each patch at a twist of a dial.

Preset Previews

Note: No external processing is applied.

Experience yourself the unique, modern stimbre of Massive X Deep Melodic Pretets. We have intentionally avoided adding drum loops on the presets because we are confident of each sound. 

05 - BS - Deep Cool
06 - BS - Techy FM
07 - BS - MonarkX
08 - BS - Plucky Sub
17 - BS - SUBmarine
20 - BS - Angry Sawforms
37- LD - Nasty Spikey
34- LD - Body Saw
41- LD - Techno Chord
43- LD - What A Weirdo
44- LD - Supernova Square
69 - PD - Dark Bass
70 - PD - Dreamgate
71 - PD - Supersaw X Mod
73 - PD - Cosmos X
23- LD - Big Mod
24- LD - Wobbly Lead
26- LD - Double Square Mod
28- LD - Frekvent Mover
29- LD - Analog Carbon
32- LD - MonoPhonic
34- LD - Body Saw
35- LD - MeloTechno
36- LD - Modulation Chord
45 - PL - Analog Oscilators
76 - PD - Dreamy Forest
77 - PD - Formant Organics
81 - PD - Automata
86 - PD - Moog Voyage
47 - PL - Between Saw n Square
50 - PL - Cloudy
53 - PL - Modulate Square
57 - PL - Short Glide
58 - PL - Something Different
60 - PL - Analog Colors
61 - PL - SquareIsh Table
64 - PL - Soft Mono
65 - PL - 2 Poly Synth
67 - PD - Dark Stranger
88 - FX - Another Sphere
90 - FX - Big Uplifter
92 - FX - C3 Range Atmo
94 - FX - Digitalized Jungle Fantasy


Imagine what you can create…

A new world of Sounds
Lead the game by owning state-of-the-art presets.

Presets for new generation
Practice the power of deep, growling basses, cutting-edge leads, and elegant keys and plucks and more.

For your next track
Get inspired by and create your next tracks with these comprehensive modern preset library.


Mercurial Deep Melodic

Massive X Presets

  • 107 Massive X Presets

  • 107 Wav loops

  • 107 MIDI files

And tons of inspirations for your next track. Getting the right sound starts with starting with the right sounds. 

Don't miss it and get this unique preset pack now.


To use the presets, you must have Massive X 1.3 or above.

Like Mercury, the planet, we are split into two. One half of us freezes in endless darkness, while the other half glitters with a perfect shade of orange under the rays of our one and only sun. We thus become the Mercurials. We live through different tones of life, swinging from ice to fire. Mercurial Tones is a music academy that seeks to unearth this cacophony of emotions so as to be able to express them without losing their overwhelming sway. 

Mercurial Tones



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