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Dive into a world of sonic warmth: Aether Presets for U-He Repro 5

Craving that warm, rich, iconic analog sound but stuck in the digital world?

Aether, your new sound library for U-He Repro 5, is the key that unlocks it. We've crafted 60 meticulously designed presets that capture the essence of analog warmth, growl, and character, giving you the coveted "secret weapon" sound producers yearn for.


Stop struggling to emulate analog with digital tools.

Aether delivers the real deal. Each preset is meticulously crafted to harness the full potential of Repro 5, pushing it to its sonic limits to deliver fat, punchy basses, soaring leads, lush pads, and everything in between – all dripping with that elusive analog magic.


Here's what sets Aether apart:


Authentic analog sound: Forget muddy imitations. Aether's presets sound like they were ripped straight from a vintage hardware synth, thanks to our deep understanding of analog synthesis and meticulous sound design.

Variety and inspiration: Explore 60 diverse presets covering a wide range of genres and styles, from classic analog textures to cutting-edge sonic explorations. Find the perfect sound for your next track, or use them as springboards for your own creative explorations.

Effortless workflow: Forget tweaking endless knobs. Aether's presets are ready to use right out of the box, letting you focus on making music, not sound design.

Don't just imagine the perfect analog sound – experience it with Aether.


Bonus: As a limited-time offer, get an exclusive €5 launch discount when you purchase Aether today!

Aether - U-He Repro 5 PresetsMercurial Tones
00:00 / 01:01

Ordinary Price €44.9


Craving analog warmth without the vintage price tag?

Aether delivers instant warmth, character, and effortless workflow.


Repro 5 is a faithful component-level model of what was perhaps the mostpowerful-sounding polyphonic keyboard ever built in digital domain

Each voice has its own processor, which means there is no interaction between notes in a chord. The distortion gets applied to the signal before the rest of the included effects.

Repro-5 ships with a set of 5 high quality effects in the shape of stomp-boxes, giving ultimate sound forging capabilities

Preset Previews

Note: No external processing is applied.

Still not convinced? Check out the audio demos and see (hear!) for yourself why Aether is the ultimate analog sound solution for Repro 5.

002 - BS - Leave me Behind (Cm) (124)
031 - LD - Motorbikes (Em) (124)
016 - PL - Yeah Woop (G) (124)
003 - BS - Bass Tube (F) (124)
032 - LD - Voyage (Cm) (122)
018 - PL - Soother (Dm) (118)
004 - BS - For the Deep (Dm) (124)
033 - LD - Granted Wishes (Gm) (124)
020 - PL - Rain Above Clouds (Fm) (125)
005 - BS - Ups and Downs (F#m) (124)
034 - LD - Gated Doors (Cm) (122)
022 - PL - Heart Out (Bm) (121)
009 - BS - Pack It Up (Cm) (121)
036 - LD - Down the Hall (Cm) (122)
024 - PL - The Reason (Am) (120)
046 - PD - Veil (Gm) (123)
038 - LD - Gemini (Gm) (123)
021 - PL - Cottons and Candies (Em) (118)
049 - PD - Rest Now (Cm) (121)
040 - LD - Arrows (Em) (125)
042 - LD - Surge (Dm) (123)
051 - PD - Birds and Butterflies (Dm) (125)
041 - LD - Horizons (Dm) (124)
056 - PD - Do You See (F#) (120)

U-He Repro 5 Presets

AETHER Repro 5 BOX.png
  • 60 U-He Repro 5 Presets

  • 60 Wav Loops

  • 60 MIDI Files

And tons of inspirations for your next track.


Experience the sonic alchemy of Aether - where analog grit meets modern precision, empowering you to create truly evocative music.


To use the presets, you must have U-He Repro 5 Rev.9669 or higher.

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