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SERUM Ultimate Survival TECHNO Presets


SERUM Ultimate TECHNO Survival Presets are inspiring set of techno presets for Xfer Records Serum that includes sounds of famous techno producers and labels.


Our goal was to push Serum to its limits while exposing every nuance that could be used for getting the professional sound the modern techno artists uses.

The result of hardworking 9 months was an unrivalled library of techno masterpieces that will get you one step closer to your professional techno sound.

The preset pack is also bundled with MIDI files assigned to each preset to help you understand how professionals use the each sound. Melodies and chord progressions are from famous artists or labels.

Featuring more than 100 presets, MIDIs and loops, SERUM Ultimate TECHNO Survival Preset Pack contains patches that will both inspire you to create and teach you to design better sounds.

*Serum version: 1.3 or above


Take a close listen to some of the crafted presets in the SERUM Ultimate TECHNO Survival Presets

BS- Maceo Sub.mp3
BS - Ambient melodic bass.mp3
BS - David's sub bass.mp3
BS - Chorus bass (Use with mid-side EQ).Artist Name
BS - Ups and Downs.mp3
BS - Boris big lead.mp3
LD -Hidden Empire Super Lead.mp3
PL - Adam Beyer Space Date.mp3
PL - Drumcode brass.mp3
PL - Maceo Bells.mp3
PL - Rodrigues Jr plucks.mp3
PD - biskuwi Altum pads.mp3
PD - Monolink transition pad.mp3
FX - Transition brass.mp3
LD - Acid me like Amelie - biskuwi.mp3
LD - Charlotte high lead.fxp.mp3
LD - Hidden Empire Arp Lead 2.mp3
LD - Hungry music lead.mp3
LD - Mind Against - Astral - Low Layer.m
LD - Victor Ruiz lead.mp3
PL - Anjunadeep plucks.mp3
PL - Guy Gerber pluck.mp3
PL - Moving band pass dubs.mp3
PL - Short Lane 8 Pluck.mp3
PD - David's chords.mp3
FX - Your perfect riser.mp3
FX - White splash.mp3
LD - Poly Stabs.mp3
LD - Rodrigues Jr Lead.mp3
LD - Space Break.mp3
LD - Tale of Us lead.mp3
LD - Township Rebellion brass.mp3
LD - Umek signature lead.mp3
LD - Weird keys of MODERAT.mp3
PL - Boris pluck.mp3
PL - I am the PLUCK of MELODIC
PL - Pluck of your dreams.mp3
PL - Stabbing like Einmusik.mp3
PD - Ghost pad.mp3
FX - Sirews are calling for you.mp3
FX - Detuned pad riser.mp3



It is SERUM but like you never heard before. Don't miss the change and get it NOW!

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