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Mercurial Tones - Percussion Loops
Core Library Extension

We continue to expand our core sample pack library; this time with deep and elastic percussion loops!

Explore the pulsing side of electronic dance music, smooth undertones, cutting edge percussions, modern rhythms and deep seated grooves joining forces to establish a new frontier in percussive loop library. 

Mercurial Tones - Core Percussion Loops is a phenomenal collection of 134 freshly brewed percussive content, traversing itself through a wide sonic palette of sounds and colours leaving no stone unturned. Perfectly suited to all styles of Techno, Tech House, Progressive House and Deep House; this core sample pack embraces everything we love about electronic dance music.



Keeping with Mercurial Tones’ core expansion layouts, all the loops are labeled with bpm and key if it is needed. This pack brings you; your next favourite modern percussion library, sourced from hardware drum machines to digital synthesizers.

Exclusive! Only available on

Core Percussion LoopsMercurial Tones
00:00 / 01:15

A new core library for all type of percussive needs!

Modern percussion loops for your productions

Hihat Candia (123)Core Percussion Loops
00:00 / 00:04
Shaker Emilia (122)Core Percussion Loops
00:00 / 00:04

Get instant results from a innovative collection of state-of-art sounds.

From expertly crafted hihat loops to chunky rumbles and percussion, everything you need from a percussion loop pack.

Percussion Baelie (117)Core Percussion Loops
00:00 / 00:04

All loops are tempo-labelled and intelligently categorised. Choose the right loops for your project and speed-up your production.

More Sample Previews

Note: No external processing is applied.

Experience yourself the modern percussion extension library of Mercurial Tones. 

Hihat Armina (124)
Shaker Baelie (117)
Hihat Lanaya (122)
Shaker Capria (125)
Hihat Deia (124)
Shaker Freya (121)
Shaker Lanaya (123)
Percussion Ferga (130)
Tom Annie (130)
Rumble Reina (F#) (129)
Percussion Mandi (127)
Percussion Yania (122)
FM Bailee (122) (D)
Hihat Sanria (131)
Percussion Nadia (125)
Tom Mathilde (121) (F)
Ambiance Olivia (128) (Cm)
Fm Deia (122)

Mercurial Tones - Percussion Loops
Core Library Extensiones

CORE Percussion LOOPS BOX.png
  • 134 Royalty FREE percussion loops including

    • 37 Hats loops

    • 32 Shaker loops

    • 33 Percussion loops

    • 21 FM & Tom & Ambiance loops

    • 11 Rumble loops

And tons of inspirations for your next track. Let the creative genius in you flow. 

Don't miss it and get this unique sample pack now!


No requirements, all samples are royalty free and ready to use.

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