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Through experiences, we tell our stories, we shape our personalities, and build our perception of life as we know it.


Certain life experiences bring out our true emotions, ones that quickly bring our thoughts to the surface.


We would like to give you an experience that you will remember us fondly. Hopefully, it would be a point in your life that can count on to shape your artist future to be it brighter. 


Contrary to traditional music labels, Mercurial Tones was founded as a music blog and electronic music production academy and has a strong understanding of the current state of the music industry. 

We aim to provide an all-in-one service for the emerging artists in the electronic music scene with special attention to growing genres such as melodic house/techno and progressive house. MT’s aim is to help artists with music distribution, marketing, social media networking, musical operations, and coaching.


It is Mercurial Tone's objective to redefine the role of a digital music label in the industry and set the new artist-friendly standards.

Don't hesitate to send your demos to 

We prefer private Soundcloud links as it is easiest way to quickly listen to the tracks. 

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