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Introducing: Binary - Machine Vocals
Your Solution to Exceptional AI-Generated Vocal Samples

One of the most significant hurdles in music production is the search for exceptional, high-quality vocal samples that possess a unique appeal. Even with the advent of AI-generated vocals, this challenge persists.


Binary - Machine Vocals emerges as the solution to this predicament. Our meticulously created sample pack offers a wide selection of AI styles, ranging from aggressive to soothing vocal tones. These AI-generated vocals have been expertly crafted to seamlessly integrate into a wide array of genres, including house, techno, and numerous other electronic music styles.

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Binary - Machine Vocals - PromoMachine Vocals
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Sample Previews
Note: No external processing is applied.

Experience yourself the benchmark of modern AI vocals for futuristic electronic music production

Wet- 1-A digital bond
Wet- 3-A new world is born
Wet- 5-Acceptance is peace
Wet- 8-AI Takeover
Wet- 9-Alternate life
Wet- 18-Change is constant
Wet- 22-Community is belonging
Wet- 26-Connecting through
Wet- 42-Digital addiction
Wet- 47-Driving metropolisis
Wet- 39-Cyborg army fights
Wet- 48-Emotion is energy
Wet- 61-Extraterrestial beings
Wet- 52-Energy is eternal
Wet- 172-The machines are evolving
Wet- 4-Ascension
Wet- 8-Awakening
Wet- 9-Blessing
Wet- 19-Connection
Wet- 20-Consciousness
Wet- 29-Divine
Wet- 32-Dynamic 2
Wet- 38-Ecstasy
Wet- 40-Electric
Wet- 45-Energy
Wet- 60-Evolution
Wet- 73-Harmony
Wet- 87-Love
Wet- 13-Co-creation
Wet- 57-Euphoria

Mercurial Tones
Binary - Machine Vocals


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  • 748 Royalty FREE samples including

    • 219 Wet Phrases

    • 155 Wet Single Words

    • 219 Dry Phrases

    • 155 Dry Single Words

And tons of inspirations for your next project. Let the creative genius in you flow. 


No requirements, all samples are royalty free and ready to use.

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