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Garnet - Techno Stabs and Horns - Sample Pack

The stab or horn sounds are easy to overlook, but when they are used in the right place, they can  transform your tracks. Artists like Space 92, Adam Beyer, Umek, Enrico Sangiuliano, Joyhauser and Charlotte de Witte are all known for using perfect stab and horn sounds at the right place with exquisite sound designs.

We have created Garnet - Techno Stabs and Horns to provide you top tier samples that are tailored specifically for techno music production.

Whether you make peak-time techno or focusing on more melodic and minimal techno, this extensive collection of stabs and horns is worth checking out.

The sample library contains total of 387 samples that you can just drag and drop to your project.

Exclusive! Only available on

Construction kit - SpacesGarnet
00:00 / 00:20
Construction kit - WallsGarnet
00:00 / 00:22
Construction kit - ToggleGarnet
00:00 / 00:17

Next level stab and horn sounds

Each sample is processed to make it fit for modern techno production

3 Construction kits to help you quickly develop your ideas and kickstart your projects

Every sample is labeled with key if applicable so that you don't need to search for key info

Each sample is referenced to modern techno production and current top lists on Beatport

Samples are carefully processed to create ultimate sonical experience

Sample Previews

Note: No external processing is applied.

Experience modern sound of the Garnet techno stabs and horns sample pack yourself.

Acid yay (G)
Aaaahh (F)
Charisma (F)
Aya (G)
A good one (E)
Endengerad (E)
Chill (C)
Aaannnn (G)
Nira (A)
Cinnamon (B)
Aritmia (D)
Balain (A)
Nah (B)
Activate (G)
Darkhold (A)
Clasico (Am)
Dubi dip dup (C)
Reverberate (G)
Your turn (E)
Dreams past (G#sus2-Csus2)
Space one (A)
Falling down (C)
Sereng (E)
Kul (G)
Space two (F#)
Hyska (F)
Chaos (G)
Grann (B)
Tubed (E)
Abys (C)
Speed up (C)

Techno Stabs and Horns

GARNET Techno Stabs BOX - cut.png
  • 387 Royalty FREE samples including

    • 3 Techno Construction Kits

    • 48 Acid Stab Samples

    • 48 FM Stab Samples

    • 46 Horn Samples

    • 54 Synth Stab Samples

    • 33 Chord Stab Samples

    • 20 Digital Stab Samples

    • 15 Percussive Stab Samples

    • 64 Reverse Horn Samples

  • And tons of inspirations for your next track. Let the creative genius in you flow. 

  • Don't miss it and get this unique sample pack now!


No requirements, all samples are royalty free and ready to use.

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