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Nebulous: Xfer Serum Melodic Techno Preset, Midi, Loop Pack

Melodic Techno has emerged as one of the most innovative genres in terms of sound design. As a contemporary music producer, the challenge lies in having access to a comprehensive, high-quality preset library capable of enhancing the sound quality of your productions. In response to this need, we are excited to present Nebulous - the Xfer Serum Melodic Techno Preset Pack.

Nebulous is an intricately crafted preset pack showcasing 100 of the finest and most popular sounds from the latest, cutting-edge trends of melodic techno in 2023. This library grants you access to the most professional and sought-after presets employed by leading producers in the genre.

Each preset within the Nebulous pack is meticulously designed with four different macros assigned to key parameters, providing you with the flexibility and control to personalize cutting-edge presets and ignite inspiration for your upcoming tracks.

With Nebulous, you can elevate your production to new heights and unlock the full potential of your creativity. Don't miss this incredible opportunity to enhance your sound and distinguish yourself in the competitive realm of music production.


Classic Edition


  • 100 cutting edge Xfer Serum melodic techno presets, including

    • 24 bass preset​

    • 34 lead presets

    • 31 pluck presets

    • 11 pad/fx presets

  • 3 Construction Kits (.wav format)

  • 100 Wav Loops

  • 100 MIDI Files

Nebulous - Xfer Serum Melodic Techno Presets (Deluxe Edition)


Buy 2 Get 15% Off

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