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The modern vocal acapellas with Mercurial Tones exclusivity. 

Ruby - Modern Vocal Samples are our first vocal pack to fuel your beats with rich and full-flavour acapellas that are recorded, edited, and carefully treated with affection and care.

If you are using acapellas from popular sample providers such as Splice, you may run into the issue that every other producer uses exactly the same samples. This results with many tracks using the very same ideas and vocals therefore losing their exclusivity and originality. 

We have created Ruby Modern Vocals to provide you top tier vocals with exclusivity of a boutique brand. 

The vocal library contains total of 680 acapella samples; including the raw and unproccessed vocals, processed but dry vocals, formant shifted creative vocals and finally fully processed, wet vocals that you can just drag and drop to your project.

Exclusive! Only available on

Ruby - Modern Vocals


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