Aparde - Loom

"Aparde´s music embodies the essence of impression, packed in emotionally touching and exceptional tracks."

That is what is written on artist's facebook page. Aparde produces mostly deep and atmospherical electronic music and one can clearly see the influence from minimal & progressive electro on his tracks. It is not unusual to hear melodic and even melancholic tunes in his sound.

Today's track: Loom is Aparde's relatively more populer song that was released in 2015. With the help of minimal progression into deep breathing melodies, Loom presents plausible musical experience. And I want to point out that warm metallic bas sound; jesus, it is just lovely.

His newly published track "Dim" has also very similar patterns and as enjoyable as Loom. Go through the artist page on Spotify, you will definitely find quite interesting songs if you like the genre.

"Dim is dark and far. As if you're alone in a room, only surrounded by the walls. There's crackles and whispers atop of a blurry beat. Lights appear out of purity and sublety. Senses become dim, harmony surrounding them. Hypnotizing sounds build up and loud tones step out. Colors and lights lose their intensity, their effectivity. Into another world, believe me! "Dim" spreads and everything disappears in space and time."


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