Ale Poe - Let you go

It is time to set the mood for the Sunday for Mercurial community with a cotton candy deep/progressive house track today.

Ale Poe is hailing from venezuela with his Berlin influenced deep house single "Let You Go". The track is definitely joy to listen with its smooth female vocals and melodic techno inspired arpeggios and driving bass lines.

Ale Poe has mentioned that he only has been producing music for 2 years; however, he has definitely has found an interesting and unique sound in such a short time. He says that when he was in Berlin he I fell in love with Techno and Melodic Deep House, even though he was more into making different styles of House Music at the time.

With his fresh new "Let You Go" single, Ale decided to make something different, something that can bring back those vibes that remind him Berlin. And the result was definitely a track full of dark and deep melodies and ambience that is a mixture of Deep House and Techno.





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