De Kraken Me And The King - Senseless

Today we have another musical duo, Willem and Ivo, who have different musical backgrounds that work out pretty well for their "De Kraken Me And The King" project.

Willem influenced by house and rave music while Ivo was much into indie-rock being a lead singer and guitarist himself. "De Kraken Me And The King" was the result of melting both genres into one pot when Willem became the creative manager of the band Ivo was playing in the moment when the band slowed down and Willem wanted to find his own sound instead of fitting in to genres. What started as therapeutic writing sessions without any goal now became the story of the band.

With both guys behind the microphone and synthesizers, their goal is to bring darkness to the light. They believe that showing these non-popular sides of life can be healing for a human being in a world full of ‘fake success’ and ‘feel good images’. The first album is inspired by the death of Willem his best friend and the aftermath of this event and will be released in the spring of 2019. With their indie electronic sound and thoughtful lyrics they combine vulnerable strings with dirty bass-lines and go from a dreamy state of mind to four on the floor.




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