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Here is a free sample pack carefully created to celebrate black friday and upcoming holiday season together with our followers.

It is free, but if you want to hear how the samples sound, try the previews below.

Sample previews

Clap Baaie
Charlotte Kick (F)
Open HH Bethel
Snare Annie
Clap Jale
Perc Biao
Code 2 Kick (E)
Shaker Brittie
bisku OHH
Rim Lai
Clave Mian
Progressive Shaker
Clap Ozma
Kick Aaron (E)
Open HH Olivia
Lifeafter rim
Clap Emilia
Ghost toms
Anna Kick (G)
Nature Shaker
Snare Anija
Conga Dieam
Christopher Shaker
Snare Emilia
Percussion Freyda
Shaker Laak
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