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Ascension - Melodic Techno Drops By Fatum​

Embark on an Epic Melodic Techno Journey with "Ascension" created by Fatum.

Crafted by music industry innovators, it unveils their signature "Organic Trance" sound, fusing melodic techno and their unique touch.

Inside, discover 450+ meticulously crafted samples - thunderous bass drops, luscious lead drops, kicks, hats, claps, construction kits, and more. Effortlessly unleash these unique moments with drag-and-drop simplicity, as Fatum paves the way for your creativity.

Experience the future of organic trance & melodic techno with "Ascension" – your key to sonic greatness.

Each sample and loop is crafted by referencing top melodic techno tracks from the past 12 months, ensuring its seamless integration into modern melodic music production.
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Ascension - Melodic Techno Drops By Fatum


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