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Cobalt - Valhalla Delay Presets


Valhalla FX has become staples in most producers' toolboxes due to its pristine quality of reverb and delay effects. But having the industry standard plugins are not enough to ensure the final quality.

Why is selecting right reverb and delay important for a good mix?

A lot of mixes stand or fall on their use of reverb and delay – the process is used to give the impression of sounds being in a real acoustic space, providing your mix with front-to-back depth, and is often referred to as the ‘glue’ binding all the different parts of a mix into a coherent whole. Using right delay and reverb settings to do these jobs, without overdoing it and turning your track into sonic mush, is one of the major components of a professional-sounding mix.

Cobalt - Valhalla Delay Presets


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